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Unity Science Research Foundation (USRF) is dedciated to progressing the research on phenomenon of Consciousness under microscope of science, marrying the classical and quantum world to produce a meaningful result.

Our mission is to gain greater understanding of consciousness and human capacities for engaging with conscious experiences; to contribute new methods for accessing the depth and variety of consciousness; conduct research with balance of precision and practicality. Drawing knowledge and insight from both cognitive neuroscience and contemplative traditions such as meditation systems, creating a unique synergy.


Deeping understanding of
Life, Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence


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There is a relationship between everything in nature. We all know it, feel it. Science is uncovering this every day more and more. It is now common knowledge that everything is essentially part of one unified existence.

  • Unity Science is the study of relationship between all things, of how everything relates to each another.
  • The Unity of life makes sense in the understanding of one’s relativity with other things.
  • It is therefore, a study of relativity of all things in existence.